Welcome to CBX Carbs! We specialise in refurbishing carbs for all models of the Honda CBX 1000. All work is carried out on site in our own workshop with the exception of plating which is contracted out to a local specialist. We offer a six to twelve week turnaround depending on the work required and time of year. We are competitive when you consider the option of sending your carbs abroad and incuring additional shipping costs, import duty and VAT, makes sense to use a local service provider that can do the job without all of the additional hassle.

We service and repair CBX's as well, we work on brakes, replacement bearings, fork rebuilds, as well as full services which include shims and carb synchronisation. We will only take on full engine rebuilds if our bookings are less than five weeks mainly because of storage. We don't like to take anything that will be in our workshop for more than six weeks!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!