I have been riding and working on Honda motorcycles for over 35 years. My first CBX was purchased in November 1981, after a couple thousand miles I noticed that the engine was running a little rough on tickover so took the bike to a local dealer who managed to make things worse! After I told them I could do a better job they challenged me and we agreed that, if I returned with the bike running "as new" they would rip up my £120 bill. I returned on the Monday morning and after hearing the bike they ripped up the bill and then to my surprise, started sending CBX customers to my home for all engine and service work. This paid for my motorcycling hobby!

I have a full time job, the work carried out here is purely for fun and due to friends asking me to look after their bikes. I treat every bike as if it were my own and over the years have made many friends that have a common interest, two wheels and the open road!